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The Author considers it a privilege to be the writer of this unique Book of Poems of testimonies, teachings, prayers, and Prophecy of Divine Power, all being inspired by the Holy Spirit through her journey to the Cross and Salvation. Each page stands on its own, touching the heart of those who embrace the work of the Cross and the written Word, the Bible. These writings are heartfelt and can touch the inner core of the reader who allows the words to be absorbed. There are summarized stories from the Bible in poem form relating to life experiences of today, showing how God is relational and interacts with the people and they with Him. There are treasures to behold in God’s Word, and while exploring this Book of Divine Power of Poetry, you just might find a gold nugget or two refined.



Inspired by the spirit of God, Annielean offers a second volume of poems, The Poems of Divine Power II. The selections portray a deeper thought line to absorb the theme of each poem, allowing the meaning to penetrate the heart, which enlightens the mind. The author hopes the truth of God’s Word and the reality of the Bible come alive within the soul.
Through this collection, the author communicates that God’s Word is still relevant today, needs to be shared, and should be applied within society. His word brings hope, peace, and encouragement as he demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ.
Each poem includes a reference to a Bible scripture, allowing you to refer to the Bible to discover the full meaning of the poems and prophecies. The poems give insight into the heart of God so you can better know him as a friend and personal savior.